new to kingston this year; cre°8 - a series of of daring 15 minute design challenges featuring the class of the the ba digital Arts course at kingston college

inspired by the pioneering worldwide Cut&Paste tournaments started in 2006 and returning to london this autumn, the challenges will feature 12 digital artists completing their ba hons in digital arts at kingston college this year displaying their finely honed skills and sensibilities as they compete head to head in full gladiatorial design combat

each contestant has access to a scanner, drawing tablet, digital camera and an apple iMac equipped with adobe creative suite, cinema 4d studio, after effects, final cut pro and flash giving them a full range of tools for creating still or moving image solutions



  • competitors will have a weeks notice of themes
  • each round will last 15 minutes
  • all images to be wholly made in the 15 minutes
  • no ready made digital elements to used unless agreed in advance
  • any materials used are available to all competitors


watch this space!!